Magpie Interiors

Beautiful Christmas decor

By Margaret Wolfe

Room Makeover before and after

Stylish new furniture and accessories make this living room a warm and comfortable respite.

Living room transformation.


Staging for Resale

Living room after - Natural elements are incorporated to express the clients' love of nature.  Adding color, texture and pattern creates a warm comfy feel to their room.  Added storage to free up space and strategic placement of accessories create interest for the eye, a nice flow to the room and a harmonious design.

Family room after

Great Teen Room idea...

Living room made cheerful and bright

Residential Refresh - Living Room Before - The room was drab and somewhat cold.  So many photos in such a small space are chaotic to the eye.  They had a desperate need for style.  Time to lose the "Early Grad Student" d├ęcor.

Living room after


Fresh new look in the kitchen

Room Makeover before and after

I turned a tiny office space and an overcrowded play area into a sleek and highly functional office area and a very tranquil adult sitting  area.

Antique Eastlake Fainting Couch is reborn

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Bed room transformation.

Kitchen transformation.

Living room and Family room before